Page Aesthetics offers a variety of waxing options using the highest-grade hard wax. We use a locally manufactured specialty Brazilian pine rosin, domestic beeswax and azulene hard wax. Hair removal is performed with top of the line products that promise effective and painless results. A fast and thorough technique for an optimal and smooth outcome. We are Brazilian waxing specialists.



We love waxing! We really do! At Page Aesthetics we use the best products and techniques for the best results. Clients can do their part in getting the greatest wax of their lives too!

How do I prepare for my wax?

Please grow your hair out for at least 4-6 weeks. No buzzing, trimming, shaving! This is so important especially for first timers and brazilian/bikini waxers. The longer the better! If the hair isn’t long enough for our wax to remove, it will create breakage and irritation. Totally worth the wait!

Please check with your MD and hold off on using any Retinols, Vitamin A, AHA’s or clinical acne or anti-aging products for at least 5 days before coming in for a wax.